Our Strategy

Our Strategy

While we believe that today’s investment landscape is global and more complex than ever,
we generally invest our assets under management on a multi-strategy basis.

We concentrate on Central and Eastern European markets targeting real estate markets and private equity.
We seek investment opportunities with differing risk and return profiles, so we can combine them into the required
portfolio targets.

The composition of our opportunistic portfolios is determined by evaluating what we believe are the best market opportunities,
consistent with specific timing, economic conditions and cycles in addition
to our goals of diversification as well as capital preservation.

Traditional strategies

Our traditional strategies seek to take full advantage of sources of returns that have generated long-term outperformance in the past, and, based on our internal valuation as well as future outlook they are expected to continue to do so in the future. The value is realised through strategic sales or initial public offerings.

Mixed strategies

Other strategies exploit opportunities including assets in financial distress suffering from current market dislocation, illiquidity, regulatory changes, or assets that are over-leveraged or insolvent. At these opportunities, we seek and maximise the intersection of what is needed to restructure asset’s operations as well se to unbind its potential with what ICP Capital Partners is capable to offer. If such intersection is in line with portfolio requirements, the opportunity is realised and value is created.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate Investments

ICP Capital Partners’ real estate investments span a wide range of both residential and commercial properties. We focus on logistics, administrative buildings, retail parks, and residential estates which are located mostly in the Czech Republic.

We invest in existing assets with stable yields, as well as in opportunistic estates.

Opportunistic investments, or so-called Buy it, Fix it, Sell it assets, are specified in terms of discount acquisition price, location with potential, low income and high operating costs. We acquire these properties when we are able to unlock their potential and uncover value that is undetected by others.

Contrarily, stable yield investments are held in our portfolios, in order to generate long-term income. These assets are characterized by prime locations and solid tenant contracts.

We likewise do participate in development projects, which we enter in at different phases of their life. If a development project meets our approval requirements, we can also work solely as a financial investor who accepts the development risk in exchange for a profit share.

Private Equity Investments

ICP Capital Partners generally invests controlling stakes into small and medium-sized privately held companies across industries located in Central Europe.

We seek, identify and analyse investment opportunities in companies with growth potential that have a demonstrable track record. We then base our decision-making upon a thorough assessment of their business models, management, and fundamentals, in combination with promising economic as well as industry trends.

When such a company is found, we form a strong partnership with its management team and support them with a flexible hands-on approach. We bring fresh capital, operational improvements, such strategic and financial initiatives as new sales channels to increase turn-over and market shares, modern resources in addition to new opportunities. Such an approach allows us to unlock a firm’s hidden potential and increase its effectivity as well as value.

We try to remain flexible and adjust to changing market conditions, portfolio company requirements and the results of a combination of both.

We also assist companies which need assistance when financing their management buy-outs and management buy-ins.

Private Equity

Private Equity

Value Creation

We are committed to creating value by finding investment opportunities with complex stories.
Opportunities where we are able to bring extra insight and therefore unbind the assets’ potential
business growth as well as market resilience.

We believe that in today’s investment landscape, active intervention in our portfolio is the key source of value creation.

To perceive required returns, we never leave out of consideration the need of due diligence work, risk measurement tools as well as models and analyses as a critical aspect of our processes.

We look for situations

  • Assets undervalued due to crises in their sector or due to extraordinary influences
  • Retirement of founders
  • Management buyouts
  • Fresh capital investments to enable capacity expansion, growth financing or acquisitions
  • Opportunistic situations requiring fast response
  • Purchases and sales of receivables
  • Majority or minorities stakes with strictly defined shareholder agreements
  • Add-on assets to strengthen our portfolio companies
  • Ability to generate significant operating cash returns if exit strategy unclear
  • Experienced management team with a track record of success in their industry
  • Defendable market position