About us

We are looking for residential and administrative buildings in the Czech Republic and Florida for Czech and foreign investors. We also invest in real estate ourselves. We take care of each property so that it appreciates over time and makes the given location more attractive.

The founder of ICP Group, Ondřej David, started working in real estate in 1998. He invests and looks for interesting projects for his friends and clients. Since Marek Klaus joined ICP in 2015, ICP has focused almost exclusively on real estate and development projects. In addition, by entering the American real estate market in 2018, we began to combine Czech and American capital.

The assets of our group currently exceed CZK 3 billion (USD 140 million).

You can find the properties we acquired in the Czech Republic and Florida in the Portfolio section. The Media regularly reports on our projects and successes.

The ICP team consists of professionals with experience from international companies focusing on consulting, real estate, finance and accounting.

Our values

We think long-term and sustainably

We manage to exceed the expectations of our clients. We try to look for medium to long-term investments in real estate projects with a balanced risk profile.

It is essential for us to work:

With respect to the location

We take care of all properties in order to support their appreciation and positively influence the surroundings of the property, as we did with reconstruction of Vinohradská 37 or Na Rybníčku 6.

With a critical eye

We usually achieve a higher-than-planned return on investment. We judge every project with scrutiny and we do not promise the moon.

By dealing fairly

Long-term relationships are the foundation of our business. That is why transparent and fair dealing is absolutely crucial for ICP. This applies within the group, to shareholders and business partners.



Project management


Our sister company, the law firm DBK Partners, is ready to provide you with all legal services. Since 2015, DBK Partners has regularly ranked among the best law firms in the Czech Republic.