About us

Our group specializes in real estate investments. We focus mainly on residential housing and office buildings in the Czech Republic and Florida, USA. The assets of our group exceed CZK 3 billion.

Investment activities of the founder JUDr. Ondřej David, PhD date back to 1998. Current form of the ICP Group was created in 2015 by the addition of Marek Klaus. Today we represent a combination of Czech and American capital. Our Czech investors, led by Ondřej, are individuals looking for real estate projects. In addition, our capital is strengthened by partners from Florida, USA, where we are very active alongside the Czech real estate market.

Since 2015, we have successfully acquired several properties in the Czech Republic and Florida. More detailed information about our projects can be found in the Portfolio or the Media sections.

The ICP Team consists of professionals with experience from international companies focusing on consulting, real estate, finance and accounting.

Our approach

The ICP Group builds on long-term and strong relationships.

Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of our investors. We try to look for medium to long-term investments in real estate projects with a balanced risk profile.

Our main criteria are:

Appreciation of our capital

Commonly, we manage to exceed expectations and achieve a higher-than-planned appreciation. In real estate projects, we regularly achieve an average annual appreciation of over 12%.

Sustainability of our projects

As a rule, we invest considerable resources into enhancement of our properties. We try to leave a mark, that positively affects the microlocation of the property. An example is the reconstruction of Vinohradská 37 or Na Rybníčku 6.


The ICP Group is committed to building long-term partnerships. Therefore, transparent and fair dealing represent the pillars of our corporate values, which we strictly adhere to within the group, towards shareholders and towards business partners.



Project management

Our partners

We would like to mention the close cooperation with our sister company, the law firm DBK Partners, which, among other things, has been regularly ranked among the best law firms in the Czech Republic since 2015.