Optika Čivice


“Optika Čivice has been one of the leading Czech manufacturers of spectacle lenses for almost 20 years. The backing of a strong investor allows it to further develop and increase annual turnover.”

Marcel Hrošovský, Investment Analyst

Type: Turnover (2019): Acquisition:
Private equity CZK 103 mil.

(USD 4.8 million)

May 2014

Since 2014, ICP Group has been the majority investor in Optika Čivice, a Czech manufacturer and supplier of spectacle lenses. The remaining 25% is owned by the company’s director and recognized specialist in his field, Petr Vrubel. “Since the acquisition, we have increased the company’s turnover from CZK 79.3 million (USD 3.7 million)  to CZK 103 million (USD 4.8 million)  in 2019. The operating profit rose from CZK 5.5 million (USD 260 thousand) to CZK 7.9 million (USD 370 thousand),” says Marcel Hrošovský.

The company is the only Czech lens manufacturer to withstand the great competitive pressure of multinational corporations and holds a stable market share of 15-20%. The core product is the production and supply of optical lenses, which are complemented by specialized devices, small tools, and spectacle frames.

We believe in the combination of a growing economy, a growing market for spectacle lenses, and the reputation and quality of the Optika Čivice brand. In addition, the support of a reputable and strong investor enables the company to further develop and succeed in such a competitive market.