Dolnis complex

In 2015 ICP Group purchased from Sberbank receivables secured by a 13,000 m² multipurpose area in Prague. The area is very well situated between the highway and Jižní spojka. Today, the entire site generates a stable operating profit and offers the possibility of future development for light industry or warehouses.

Type: Land area: Rok akvizice:
Multipurpose complex 13,200 m2 September 2015

The ICP Group won a competition to buy problematic receivables from Sberbank worth tens of millions. Our team subsequently suspended the ongoing insolvency proceedings and agreed with the borrowers to restructure the debt. Today the project is financially stabilized.

ICP considers the future use of the site, as the current and proposed metropolitan plans allow for the expansion of existing built-up areas. Due to the very attractive and accessible location, this is a project with high added value. ICP considers tailored development for a potential long-term tenant.