Vila Anna



“A unique apartment villa in an attractive location in Prague’s Hanspaulka will function perfectly, for example, as a private medical facility.”

Ondřej David, partner and co-founder of ICP

Type: Area: Acquisition:

Mixed use

10,750 sq ft December 2020

The villa with a living area of approximately 10,750 sq ft dates back to the 1930s and was built on the basis of a design by renowned architect Ladislav Čapek, author of many important projects of the Czechoslovak interwar architectural school.

In combination with the sought-after residential area of Dejvice, the villa is a highly-valuable, stylistically-interesting example of the First Republic development from the 1920s and 1930s. It was built in the style of fading trends of neoclassicism enriched with elements of late modernity.

“Originally, we considered the Vila Anna housing project to be used for individual housing or as a non-governmental health-care facility in the context of the current economic situation. The investor plans to offer the property for sale, “says Ondřej David.