Seaward Landing



“The buildings are equipped with the latest technologies in the field of anti-hurricane measures. We will rent part of the units at a discounted price to local, public-service employees. “

Daniel Vopat, Investment Analyst

Type: Size: Acquisition:
Residential Development 45 units September 2018


Through its activities in the USA, ICP Group has managed to establish a close relationship with the experienced developer, Index Invest, which specializes in the construction of multi-generation residential complexes in Sweden and North America.

In the form of passive participation, we entered the Seaward Landing project, which is an area of several multi-generation houses with 45 units on the Florida Keys archipelago, 15 miles south of the Florida coast. The total floor area is 30,000 sq ft.

Commissioning took place in October 2020 and we now offer individual apartments for rent. The entire complex will then be sold as a revenue asset. “This is an exceptional opportunity for ICP Group to gain a lot of valuable experience from a strong, local partner with a long tradition,” says Daniel Vopat.