Vladimíra Knoblochová

Transaction Lawyer

Vladimíra has been a part of ICP Group from the very beginning and works here as a corporate lawyer. She is also a co-founder of the sister company DBK Partners. She is an expert in the field of law for commercial, transactional, and corporate governance matters.

She is characterized by her diligent approach to investment, which guarantees us a comprehensive overview of possible problems and makes it easier to determine optimal solutions.

During her career, she was actively involved in many international transactions. She is invaluable also due to her experience with setting up optimal organizational structures and corporate affairs in general.

Vladimíra led the DBK Partners team, which was the first in the Czech Republic to establish a SICAV fund. Vladimíra is a co-author of The Civil Code. Commentary. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University, and also studied in Great Britain for half a year.

Vladimíra Knoblochová